Welcome to my firm!  Kopka Financial, LLC. is designed by me, Megan Kopka, an experienced financial advisor and CFP®.

When I started out on my own I took a colleagues advice:”If I were young and starting out on my own, I would go the RIA route, Meg”. After much investigation and a little more work I chose to become a RIA firm as the platform to operate my business. RIA means registered investment advisor, this means my firm is independent of a broker-dealer and I am not beholden to the company, which allows me to run a fee-only practice. I will be concise and clear about the process in planning, investing (when warranted) and communicating fees for planning and investing. My mission is to be your resource for top independent, objective financial advice for individuals and families. The value my firm and I offer can be invaluable to your good decision making ability and your avoiding critical mistakes which could potentially delay or worse, derail your financial goals. I strive to be the best in what personal financial planning has to offer and my  success is measured and reflective in your successes.  It is my hope you will see the value in personal financial advice, the structure of establishing as an RIA firm to the numerous affiliations and credentials I acquired and mostly .

Another difference between myself and Financial Advisors is I (through Kopka Financial, LLC.) write plans. I will not have a relationship with a client any other way than to begin with a plan. Written financial plans range in fees from $1,500.00-$4,000.00. What is a written financial plan? A financial plan allows a planner to get to know the client through an assessment of what they have put in place for themselves (financially+) thus far. Through an evaluation and a series of conversations the I can assess the plan and make recommendations. The recommendations are based on the clients goals and any a general overlay of best practices. Recommendations are based on applying efficiencies in investment planning; insurance planning; retirement planning; tax planning; estate planning; education planning and financial management.

Stay tuned for future blogs to define some terms: RIA (above); CFP; Fee-Only; NAPFA; Financial Plan!