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2021 Courses are all offered online through Cape Fear Community College.

Introduction to Investments: Need to save for the future and don’t know where to start? Or just want to brush-up on investment basics? Learn more about investing in a judgment-free, educational environment without the usual sales pitch. Discover everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about various investment options such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Learn more about the risks and rewards of each option, and the process of investing, while you begin to develop your own long-term investment strategy.

Cape Fear Community College – ONLINE
Wed, January 27 and Thurs January 28
6:00 – 8:00 pm
To register please visit https://cfcc-register.fundfive.com/course/section/1824

Personal Finance for the Suddenly Single: When a marriage ends, your title changes to widow/er or divorcee/ex-spouse and numerous roles in your life changed too. When you find yourself facing either the death of your spouse or a divorce, it can be tough to not feel pressured while making financial changes giving your new life circumstances. It may take months to feel settled into your new role as a single adult, and the stress may also impact your good decision making ability. Whether you were the financial manager in your household or not, it may be a good time to focus on and learn sound structure of the core personal financial management principles. This course is for those who must learn the basics on their own, it further explores assessing your assets to make larger decisions and contemplating changes for when the time is right. In this course you will learn what and how to get your finances in order, assess your situation, and get an overview of basic instruments and principles of investing.

Cape Fear Community College – ONLINE
Wed, February 10 and Thurs February 11
6:00 – 7:30 pm
To register please visit https://cfcc-register.fundfive.com/course/section/1826

Personal Finance: How can I get out of debt and improve my credit score? What kind of savings accounts should I open? How do I even start planning for retirement? Where can I actually find credible information and practical tools to help me online? Thinking about your finances can be overwhelming. Take the first step to taking charge of your personal finances by learning the basics in this 3-hour class, taught in an educational environment where you can ask questions and build more confidence about your own financial future.

Cape Fear Community College – ONLINE
Wed, February 3 and Thurs, February 4
6:00 – 7:30 pm
To register please visit https://cfcc-register.fundfive.com/course/1825

Retirement Readiness: This course is designed to help you to confidently envision and plan for your best future, and enter retirement with a greater financial understanding and peace of mind. You will learn strategies to help you design a retirement budget, get your financial house in order, understand retirement and investing accounts and their taxability, and learn how to better set and assess financial goals. Gain confidence in creating your personal retirement timeline, estimating your needs and assessing risks, while discussing a variety or pertinent topics including health insurance, social security, longevity and estate planning. 

Cape Fear Community College – ONLINE
Wednesday and Thursday, January 13-20
6:00 – 8:30 pm
To register please visit https://cfcc-register.fundfive.com/course/1823


Brunswick Community College courses coming soon.
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