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Women’s Financial Empowerment
Financial Literacy ~ Money Values ~ Well-being
Women and Wealth Wednesdays

January 27, 2021 – March 3, 2021
12 pm ET/ 9 am PT
$60 course fee

Welcome to JanYOUary! This is the season of betterment, where goals surrounding, both health and wealth are on the top of the list. Have you wondered, how do I better my financial situation?

Too often, I hear people having financial goals that are too vague, like: “to improve my financial situation” or “get my finances in order”. When someone cannot explain what either of those statements mean, then they likely do not know where to start and scrap their good ideas from a lack of planning. When resolutions become overwhelming, they are dashed before February.

Do not let this be you, again… Make YOUR plan, take continuous steps, stay committed to yourself, and over time YOU will build healthier financial habits. Does it make sense to learn about prudent financial principles and targets for personal financial management in order to set a reasonable goal? Targets that can help you now, and in the future, make wiser decisions about saving, spending, managing debt, investing, and mitigating risk.

Instead of a one-time commitment to “resolve” an issue make a lifelong plan and commitment to yourself. This January and February, do not give up on you and your financial house in order, take your first step to understanding what financial betterment means and how to set and tackle a SMART goal in your personal finances.

Like being healthy it takes time to feel the impact of creating good habits. Again, like a healthy diet and exercise the impact overtime is delayed gratification however in the small moments, like eating healthy and eliminating joint pain means you can enjoy walks. During and after exercising there is a higher level of satisfaction and even happiness.

There are immediate effects of stress reduction and empowerment surrounding our finances. It is fun to calculate the timeline of achieving a goal, to watch your successful steps in reaching that goal, and especially the satisfaction when your goal becomes your reality. The first step to a woman’s empowerment is to learn and become more financially literate. When you understand how to engage with your finances, you can strive to better yourself. You can become a better partner to your spouse and for your family. It is time for you to relieve financial stress and stop avoiding and/or panicking about money decisions.

Megan Kopka, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and a fee-only financial advisor, will share financial tips for bettering your personal finances. You will learn how a few guiding principles as well as about Megan’s educational courses beginning January 27th but do not wait until then to register or share the link to her customized educational series designed for women called “Women and Wealth” held on Wednesdays at lunch
from noon to 1pm ET on ZOOM. Email Megan today for Women & Wealth’s course registration fee, once the fee is processed the ZOOM link and password will be sent to you. Be sure to block the six Wednesday lunches on your calendar!

The courses:
1. Knowledge is power: Why women only? What’s different? Our lives and our challenges. Why planning? Where to begin starting now.
2. Investing and emotions: Why most women have an aversion to investing. Understanding the markets the math and the history.
3. What, where, and how much? “Best” places to start investing. How to qualify and estimated saving targets/rates.
4. Who is your guide? Finding a Financial Advisor defining roles, certifications, and terminology; Background checks; defining the relationship.
5. What now? Funding; must have estate documents; insurance protection; paying down debt &/or investing; where to invest and what to “buy”; how when and why be a lifelong investor
6. FAQ: A few preloaded commonly asked questions and answers plus your time to ask add.

Register today below! You will receive an invoice for the course fee, once the fee is processed we’ll send you the ZOOM link!